Yes you can! Choose the Perfect Valentine Gift

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Valentine Chocolate, Valentine Gift
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It’s easy. You’ve done it for years and this year should be no different. When picking the perfect valentine’s gift you should always bear the following in mind (as you’ve done over the years):

1. Is it eco-friendly? In simple terms, is it be re-usable? Does it serve any useful purpose including decorative? Try to avoid gifts that will become clutter. Yes, she loves shoes but would another pair fit in her hanging shoe rack or send you on a trip to the loft?

2. Is it affordable? Don’t go overboard at Valentine’s. It shouldn’t be the only time of year you choose to express your love. Our loved ones understand that recovering from Xmas shopping and the Sales is not a small task.  A token should do. It shouldn’t be a mean gift though. Add these gorgeous roses or a box of chocolates and it looks more generous. Besides, I’m sure she’d rather be wined and dined regularly or what does she say? You still have your anniversary and possibly a birthday ahead to make it up to her. My husband can’t afford to overspend as my birthday is 10 days after but he does get me lovely things and once made a lovely card.

3. Is it Easy to use? A valentine’s gift shouldn’t take forever to discover so that it robs you of time together. If you could avoid a gadget or anything that needs assembling, you’ve redeemed quality time you two can spend together. Just think of a gift that won’t be such a distraction he’d be stuck on it all evening rather than on you!

4. Is it ‘presentable’? Remember, she might be getting gifts from other competitive sources. How does yours look? Make the effort. Be on the look out for posh valentine packaging with tags.

5. Is it personalised? Can it be if it isn’t? I came across gorgeous personalised valentine towels here. And today, I’ve seen some gorgeous valentine photo gifts. Of course remember to add a few of our personalised chocolates as well for a retro/traditional touch. Still unsure? Leave a comment for some assistance.


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