Believe me when I say the customer is always right. Our business customers have used chocolate bars for such unique purposes that would never have crossed my mind. Our first business customer wanted some for an art exhibition and actually had her artwork on the wrappers. Another was as business cards. Another customer needed them at a food fair.

We probably may not know all the benefits at present but we do know that it is good for the heart helping to reduce stress levels in as little as two weeks! Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, a class of antioxidants found in cocoa. The benefits of which are yet to be fully discovered.

Our advice? Look for chocolates with a high cocoa content such as our dark chocolates and share them with your clients. This way you know they’ll never ‘give up’ on you.

  1. StarryGift | Wedding gifts and collectibles of Chinese and Western styles…

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing….

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