So your favourite cousin and her fiance have finally set the dates for their wedding and are coming home from Dubai where they work  to have the wedding. You got married years ago and have kids of your own but have been assigned the task of organising the hen night by your cousin. Of course you’re stuck for ideas.

Somehow, you stumbled on our website and think no girls night out should take place without some chocolates. Well you decided on a wrapper design and you think the other girls will be wowed by the personalised hen night chocolates. You are however still stuck for what to do. What’s new in town? How else can we make this hen night rock? HELP!!!

  1. How about having a make-up party and photoshoot to celebrate your hen night? I currently have a joint venture with Pamela Ibanez from Arbonne Cosmetics and we are offering a make-up lesson, a photoshoot afterwards and then a memory book of pictures from the evening.

    Email me for more info:


    • chocolatatoi says:

      A make up party then photo-shoot is it especially for those of us who cringe at wearing make-up. It’s also fun to pose in front of a camera when you’re in a light mood with all your friends.

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