Are You a Chocolate Snob?

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Chocolate Trivia
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White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...

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This is a simple test to see if you’re a chocolate snob. Simply regard as true or false the following statements then grade yourself afterwards.

  1. I eat only single origin chocolate
  2. I eat only dark organic chocolate
  3. I don’t eat chocolate that is sold in garages
  4. I only buy chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa content
  5. I only eat chocolate that is organic
  6. White Chocolate? It’s a con.

Now grade yourself using the guide below:

You are a chocolate snob if you answered ‘True’ to all 6 statements

You are an upcoming snob if you answered ‘True to at least 1 statement.

You are no where near being a snob if you answered False to all 6 statements.

Feel free to also join the poll and see how many chocolate snobs are out there based on this assessment.

  1. ebabeelikes says:

    The picture is making me want chocolate now! Popped over via BMB.

  2. chocolatatoi says:

    Thanks for stopping by Nomita. Really appreciate the comment too. Feel free to pop over as often as you like, I would really love that. x

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