Good News for You as Cocoa Prices Set to Soar

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Chocolate, Chocolate Articles
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Several bars of Amedei chocolate.

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The type of Cocoa grown in Cote d’Ivoire is known as the Forastero variety. The Forastero Cocoa tree is known to be the most high-yielding of the four major varieties of Cocoa treesCriollo, Trinitario and Nacional. Since the Forastero thrives best as opposed to the Nacional – thought to be extinct but recently rediscovered in Peru, it’s the source of most of the chocolate we eat. Unfortunately, it also produces the least aromatic beans.

Chocolate prices are set to soar now because of the decision of the Ivorian government to ban Cocoa export. This has of course been brought about by the difficult political situation in the country.

How is this good news for me?

1. Better quality chocolate from the more aromatic Criollo,  Trinitario and even recently revived Nacional trees.

2. Develop a taste for good quality chocolate akin to that of a connoisseur’s.

3. Ability to review chocolate addiction if you have any. If you can’t go through a day without a Twix could the price doubling or taste changing change your mind?

4. An introduction to fine chocolate like Amedei, Valrhona and Domori which will help you realise what you’ve been missing.

5. Reap the health rewards promised in chocolate. A lot of the fine chocolate you will find around have a high percentage of cocoa or come in exciting dark chocolate mixes which are tasty and health-giving. Just be sure not to over-indulge.

6. Help you appreciate smaller brands in the gourmet industry, whether or not it’s chocolate, for their commitment to quality, perfection and the welfare of all.

7. This February, Chocolat A Toi will introduce an exciting range of chocolate made with Valrhona products. Valrhona is a French company founded in 1924 who source their cocoa beans from the Criollo. So, let your taste buds know they will be getting an introduction to fine chocolate.

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