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Have you always dreamt of ordering some personalised chocolate but think you could never come up with anything unique?

Well, the good news is that the easiest way to personalise chocolate and have a completely unique yet stunning design is to use a photo.

Look at the photos on these chocolates they are so cute. It’s very unlikely anyone places an order with exactly the same photo. Yet, nothing beats this photo chocolate order I received recently.

That photo is most definitely unique to the customer. I can guarantee no one else will have that exact photo on their personalised chocolate bars.

So, if you’re looking for a really unique design for your personalised chocolate bars, I hope you’ve found an answer now. Happy designing!


Chocolate Hamper

A chocolate hamper is an unusual anniversary present idea. It definitely is not listed as an anniversary year gift. It appears my customer’s belle is keen on chocolate so while I’m unsure what anniversary year it was or if it was one of several other anniversary gifts, it is a unique anniversary gift.

This chocolate hamper is especially handy as an anniversary present idea if you plan to add other gift items as the hamper is roomy enough. This chocolate hamper measures 7 x 4 x 5 inches, is made of sturdy cardboard and comes in various designs. The chocolate bars were popped in patterned cello bags and put in the chocolate hamper which had been filled with coloured shredded paper.

The chocolate hamper was then put into a cello bag and tied up with some pink paper ribbon. Yes, paper ribbon. It is indeed a very eco-friendly hamper. If you’re not hot on the cello bag you can add a matching lid and add a ribbon to make unravelling the gift even more exciting.

What’s the most unusual gift you’ve ever received? Please share it below. Meanwhile this chocolate wrapper was created especially for my client but you can visit the website for more anniversary gift ideas.

Party Favours

Party Favours

Happy Birthday Faith! Wishing you a fun-filled day. Hope you and your guests enjoy the party favours.

Lara requested these personalised chocolate favours for her mum’s 70th birthday. She chose this glittery paper and they had a turquoise party theme so the colour was also easy to decide on.

After the event last Sunday I spoke with Lara about how it all went and if the chocolates were well received. Well, since it was her Mum’s party she had a lot of running around to do so didn’t exactly get any one to one feedback except from the DJ who hollered over the PA system that he could see some chocolate going round and wanted some. I guess it was not easy to resist the shine.

Like This!

Watch the metamorphosis of this bespoke personalised chocolate bar for The Virtual Concierge. With each amendment, I have taken photos. Can you tell which came first?

It was in May when Sharon first enquired about having some personalised chocolate squares customised for her company. At that time, I came up with a design but she didn’t get to see it till early this month. She was happy with it initally but as time went by she caught some inspiration and the changes began.

Sharon has since received her order and asked requested amendments on the next order. If you want to know how I felt about making these changes then stay tuned for an article I wrote about it. In the mean time, would you change the design? I would really love your comments.

I was delighted! Rosie sent us this fab logo for some promotional chocolate and I just thought of a million and one things to do with it. When she chose this design, I couldn’t have agreed more. It was my first choice. Of course, Miss Day didn’t know this and won’t till she reads this.

Personalised Chocolate Bars

If you’re a stickler for detail like me, take a closer look at the border of the chocolate wrapper. Did you notice the red polka dots on the black background? I didn’t want the border to take attention away from the logo. It had to be subtle but just as ‘wicked’ as the logo.

Personalised Business Chocolate

All ready to go. The next step was to wrap the promotional chocolate up in this pristine box and pop it in the postal box.

Box of Personalised Chocolates

Voila! Off you go. Delivered to the Style Headquarters at Rosie Goes Shopping. Well chuffed it got a mention on Twitter too!


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