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I’m sure you’ve heard enough about goal planning for the next 12 months. So, I won’t remind you that they need to be SMART but if you have a goal which you’d really like to share why not leave it in the comments section? You may have a goal that’s really important to you that you would like some publicity for maybe to raise funds for charity. It might even be a goal you want to share so you can get an accountability partner for.

I would really like to hear about your goals. Remember though, the most important thing is that they’re written down and guess what? You can start by writing them down here. Yup. And feel free to always come back here to make reference to them – get it?

If you would like to learn how to set goals that are SMART, this article on goal setting on Erica Douglass’ blog is good knuckle down stuff.


To mark and appreciate 1504 followers on Twitter, Chocolat A Toi will be giving away a box of 15 scrumptious handmade truffles. Made using natural ingredients, they are not the type you’d pick off a supermarket shelf.

Make this box yours simply by:

1) Following this blog either in your reader or by email

2) Following me on Twitter then tweet this post

3) Liking Chocolat A Toi’s Facebook page


4) Writing in the comments box what flavours you would like in your box. Visit this page on the website to view the list of flavours available –

Easy peasy isn’t it with all the links inserted too? The first person to have done all the above wins!

Terms & Conditions

– When you tweet it must be with your own account.

– You must be resident in the UK.

– You must do all of the 4 steps listed above please.

Like This!

Watch the metamorphosis of this bespoke personalised chocolate bar for The Virtual Concierge. With each amendment, I have taken photos. Can you tell which came first?

It was in May when Sharon first enquired about having some personalised chocolate squares customised for her company. At that time, I came up with a design but she didn’t get to see it till early this month. She was happy with it initally but as time went by she caught some inspiration and the changes began.

Sharon has since received her order and asked requested amendments on the next order. If you want to know how I felt about making these changes then stay tuned for an article I wrote about it. In the mean time, would you change the design? I would really love your comments.