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A story is told by Mark McCormack in his book, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School, about a class of graduates who were asked if they had clear, written goals for the future.

Of the whole class, only 3 percent had them written down. When these 3 percent were interviewed 10 years later they were earning 10 times more than the other 97 percent and had exceeded their goals.

I’m not a Harvard Graduate nor am I about to become one but I took the decision to write down clear, measurable and specific goals for every area of my business in 2011.

I do not plan to bore you with the details but for blogging, the mission in 2011 is to help you solidify those relationships that are important you by unravelling creative ways to use chocolate.

My goals are to provide you with

1. Tips on finding the right chocolate gifts for every budget and occasion.

2. Tips for finding the right chocolate gifts for every single person that means a lot to you be it your boss, a guest or your boyfriend for every occasion.

If you have any special dietary requirements or I don’t have access to the chocolate you’re after, feel free to let me know. I will refer you to another chocolate gift maker where possible.

Finally, be prepared to learn a lot about chocolate, its benefits, tasting and how I get them prepared to be delivered to you.


I recently wrote an article on travelling with chocolate gifts. I hope you enjoy reading it. It also answers any questions you might have about storing chocolate. Please remember to ask any additional questions you might have.


You will either be asked about where and how to order chocolate favours or need some at a point. Whatever it is, this information will come in more than handy one day soon!

1) Budget: How much do you plan to spend? How many guests will you have? How much are you willing to spend?

Now, please halt for a moment. Read the other points below then come back to point 1. Can you afford what you are after? Where can you cut costs to afford what you are after? Reduce quantity per head? Is the supplier willing to hold the offer for you till when you need them? If you buy now, will the favours still be in their best condition when you need them?

2) Type: What sort of favours are you planning to get? Dragees? Mints? Chocolates?

3) Presentation: Will your favours be scattered over the table or will you put them in boxes? Or would you rather they are presented as name cards or menu cards? Better yet, would you like to give a fore-taste of the event by sending them out as a Save the Date or Invitation Card?

4) Theme: Do you plan to let your favours match the theme of the event or party? Will you match the colour scheme, your flowers or the ambience theme – Rock n Roll, Hawaiian, Heart shapes?

Did I miss out anything? If you’ve ordered favours for an event what, in your opinion, is another critical consideration?



We’ve just launched our BT Tradespace shop and to promote it we are doing a Xmas Advent give-away! Simply keep up to date with our Tradespace News Posts from December 12 till Xmas Eve to save on essential personalised chocolate needs in 2010.


Wedding favours are something that a lot of couples ask whether they should have or not. I personally think it’s a nice gesture to give your guests a keepsake of the day, but I also know that they can end up being ignored or forgotten about and consequently can feel like a waste of money. This is why I often recommend clients opt for something edible – guests love having something to nibble on after dinner, or they’ll tuck it away to munch on their way home later!

So today I’m delighted to welcome Tola Popoola from Chocolat a Toi. Tola specialises in creating personalised chocolate wedding favours… Continue

When you place an order this month for chocolate business cards in any size, you get free gift boxes in any colour of your choice, tied up with a pretty ribbon. We can arrange delivery to your clients or we can deliver the boxes to you to send out yourself.

We can suit any budget from as little as £3 a box. Contact us for a quote on any of our 3 sizes. We have a lead time of 2 weeks so enough to finalise designs and send them out to clients this holiday.

Personalised Corporate Chocolates

Personalised Corporate Xmas Chocolates

Box of personalised chocolate

How many dark chocolate mints can fit into this box?

This offer is also available for private gifting. Contact us for terms and conditions. Both offers are valid till December 1, 2009.

Personalised Corporate Chocolate

Promotional Chocolate for Xmas

Quite often people tell me they are on diets so can’t have chocolate. Well, this is for them and others who are afraid of the calories that come with chocolove.

I’ll start from the easiest – the chocolate inhaler. It comes in four different flavours mint, raspberry, mango and plain. The lead inventor is a Harvard professor and the product is called Le Whif. Hmm, not my cup of tea she said.
Going for chocolate bar substitutes under 100 calories can help you keep on track. Drizzle chocolate sauce on low fat snacks, have sugar free chocolate drinks, chocolate milk and low fat chocolate ice-cream. I found most interesting that chocolate pudding also fits the bill. My fav is a tablespoon of chocolate chips – 70 calories.

However, these dont cut it for personalised chocolate gifts. The good news is that we have bars that are less than 100 calories. Our 10g milk chocolate bars are 52.3 calories and the 5g Neapolitan dark chocolate bars less than 27 calories. Most importantly, they look great personalised – see more of them on